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Robert Reynolds


Profile picture of Robert Reynolds, Founder and Managing Director of Blindspot Consulting

Renowned for our creative and sometimes unorthodox approach, we excel across a spectrum of services, including Executive and Financial Management, Financial Consulting, Strategic Initiatives, Divestures, Strategic Realignment, Product Launch, Licensing, and personalized coaching. Our expertise extends to serving business owners, Family offices, Private Equity, and Venture Capital firms, where we apply our unique strategies to bolster growth, scalability, and fundability.

Our diverse clientele, featuring names like Dunlop, NASA, TERSA, APP Professional SUP League, Superheat Games, and John Daly, plus several confidential Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms, underscores our adeptness at enhancing brand development, forging strategic partnerships and optimizing corporate efficiency across various industries, with a special focus on the sporting sector.
BSC's comprehensive suite of services, ranging from Corporate Restructuring to Venture Capital Solutions, Executive Coaching, and specialized support for Private Equity and Venture firms, showcases our unwavering dedication to driving success and unlocking the potential within organizations and their leaders.

Founder Spotlight.

Robert Reynolds is the Managing Director and Founder of Blindspot Consulting. He has been working alongside high-net-worth individuals, private equity, and venture capital firms since 2005.


He began his career by overseeing traditional retail banking operations and investment portfolios. He then transitioned to President of Dunlop Sports Group after successfully spearheading a strategic divestiture on behalf of a high-net-worth individual to a billion-dollar multi-national corporation with a portfolio of over 32 brands.


Mr. Reynolds has exhibited a keen eye for value in the global market, engaging in the research, diligence, and investment of internationally recognized companies, alongside managing his own investment portfolio. Mr. Reynolds holds dual bachelor's degrees in Accounting and International Business.


From featured articles to press releases, Robert's work has garnered attention and acclaim across various platforms, showcasing his expertise and dedication to success in various industries.

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